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Textile bleaching applications in Europe for hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is commonly used today in the bleaching of textile fibers. Hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizing agent used in a variety of applications. It can be implemented under very different conditions of processing according to fibers and manufacturing process.

It is particularly effective for the bleaching of natural fibers, but can also be used, under certain conditions, for the bleaching of synthetic fibers. The products of decomposition of hydrogen peroxide are oxygen and water, which can reduce water consumption and improve effluent treatment.


Hydrogen peroxide bleaching improves the consistency of dye transfer to the fabric. Cotton bleached with hydrogen peroxide has a stable whiteness, a soft touch and an absorbency that improves the dyeing of the fabric. Hydrogen peroxide Albone® in 35% and 50% concentrations are particularly adapted to the bleaching of textile fibers.

Hydrogen peroxide - textile bleaching